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        5 sets of 5000L mechanical seal reactors are shipped to the customer in Hefei

        Release Time:2020-04-04

        5 5000L mechanically sealed reactors with condenserWorking temperature: 180 degreesWorking pressure: 1.6MPaStirring method: spiral ribbon stirringApplicable material: high viscosity polyester reactor

        The 5L high temperature and high pressure reactor is finished and shipped to the customer in Xi'an

        Release Time:2020-04-01

        5L laboratory reactor with lid lifting boom devicePressure 12MPaTemperature 300 degreesMaterial: Hastelloy C276

        0.5 liter experimental reactor

        Release Time:2020-03-05

        7000 liter reactor shipped

        Release Time:2020-01-15

        Continuous reaction device (Monel)

        Release Time:2019-12-16

        Gas-liquid separation tank storage tank

        Release Time:2019-12-16

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