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        The 25L high-pressure experimental kettle with electric lifting device is completed and sent to the customer in Hangzhou

        Release Time:2020-04-15

        Reactor type: hydrogenation explosion-proof reactor equipped with explosion-proof motor, explosion-proof platinum resistance and explosion-proof control box

        Working volume: 25~30L

        Working temperature: 280 degrees

        Heating method: heat conduction oil electric heating (the jacket is filled with heat conduction oil, and the electric heating rod is inserted)

        Working pressure: 3MPa

        Reactor material: stainless steel S30408

        Stirring method: hydrogenated self-priming stirring paddle

        上一條:Shipment of 3 sets of 6000-liter VCR reactor starry night

        下一條:The 2000L catalytic hydrogenation reactor was sent to the production base of PetroChina

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