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        High temperature and high pressure chlorination reactor

        Chloride ions will corrode austenitic stainless steel materials at high temperatures. Duplex stainless steel has better chlorine ion corrosion resistance than austenitic stainless steel.

        The high temperature and high pressure reactor adopts a composite plate of duplex stainless steel and carbon steel, which is resistant to corrosion and high pressure.

        Commonly used duplex stainless steels are 2205, 2507, 2101, etc.

        Titanium pilot reactor

        Titanium and titanium alloy classification Industrial pure titanium: TA1, TA2, TA10

        The biggest feature of titanium is its low quality (density 4.51g/cm3), high strength, excellent corrosion resistance, and good low temperature performance. It has excellent corrosion resistance in seawater and most acid, alkali, and salt media. In production, its corrosion resistance is 10 times higher than that of ultra-low carbon austenitic stainless steel.

        Welding characteristics of titanium products Titanium equipment welding is very easy to oxidize, nitridize and embrittlement. A large amount of hydrogen begins to be absorbed at 400°C. Hydrogen is one of the most harmful elements of titanium, which reduces the plasticity and toughness of titanium, leading to embrittlement. When cooling, hydrogen does not have time to escape and produces pores. Therefore, the welding properties of titanium and other metals should be considered for titanium pressure vessels.

        High-pressure reactors are commonly used composite plates of titanium and carbon steel, the titanium material is the corrosion-resistant layer, and the carbon steel is the base layer.

        Magnetic sealed external circulation heating reactor

        Magnetically sealed external circulation heating reactor

        Working volume: 500L

        Working pressure: negative pressure -0.1MPa~9.8MPa

        Working temperature: room temperature ~ 300 degrees

        Heating method: heat transfer oil circulates in the jacket of the reaction kettle to heat the kettle body

        Pilot zirconium autoclave

        Zirconium is an industrial material with excellent corrosion resistance and can withstand a variety of strong acids and alkalis.

        The zirconium composite board needs to be added with a titanium intermediate layer to be composited with carbon steel.

        Zirconium has excellent corrosion resistance, but its welding performance is not good, and it cannot be welded with stainless steel and carbon steel.

        laboratory testing reactor

        The laboratory reactor can also be called a small reactor, which has the advantages of simple operation, convenient use, light structure, and easy access. Its manufacturing structure mainly includes three types of open-type flat-lid reactors, open-type butt welding flange-type reactors and closed-type reactors. Laboratory reactors are widely used in major universities and scientific research and experimental departments across the country.

        stainless steel lab use reactor

        Laboratory stainless steel reactor, volume range 0.5~30L, design temperature -196~600 degrees, design pressure -0.1~40MPa.

        Our laboratory reactor has been standardized, and the pressure is divided into 4 levels: 10MPa, 20MPa, 30MPa, and 40MPa.

        The experimental kettle is equipped with reasonable inlet and outlet pipelines and valves, which are convenient for operation and high safety.

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