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        Small scale magnetic stirring reactor

        The stirring paddle and the kettle cover adopt static sealing, magnetic sealing, stable transmission, quietness and good sealing performance.

        Laboratory stainless steel reactor, volume range 0.5~30L, design temperature -196~600 degrees, design pressure -0.1~40MPa.

        Our laboratory reactor has been standardized, and the pressure is divided into 4 levels: 10MPa, 20MPa, 30MPa, and 40MPa.

        The experimental kettle is equipped with reasonable inlet and outlet pipelines and valves, which are convenient for operation and high safety.

        20L negative pressure vacuum distillation reactor with condenser

        The vacuum distillation reactor is a device that quickly concentrates or separates the liquid medium. The reaction medium is heated to the boiling point in the reactor, and the stirring system is continuously rotated to increase the evaporation surface area and accelerate the evaporation speed. Appropriate vacuum conditions can achieve The boiling point of the medium is quickly separated, condensed by the condenser and collected.

        The stirring system of Zhengwei experimental kettle adopts magnetic stirring and static sealing, which can maintain a high degree of vacuum. The device is mainly used for concentration, crystallization, drying, separation and solvent recovery in the pharmaceutical, chemical and biopharmaceutical industries.

        Laboratory electric heating reactor

        Electric heating is currently the most efficient, fastest, low-consumption, energy-saving and environmentally friendly induction heating equipment for metal materials. Electric heating, also known as high-frequency heating machine, high-frequency induction heating equipment, high-frequency induction heating device, high-frequency heating power supply, high-frequency power supply, high-frequency electric furnace. Zhengwei electric heating reactor adopts program temperature control PID to control the electric heating process, which effectively prevents temperature overshoot and realizes uniform and efficient heating process.

        Laboratory high pressure reactor with electric heater oil bath

        Heat transfer oil is a kind of heat carrier oil, a kind of special oil with good thermal stability for indirect heat transfer. Because of its uniform heating, accurate temperature control, high temperature under low vapor pressure, good heat transfer effect, energy saving, convenient transportation and operation, etc., it has been widely used in various occasions in recent years, and its use and dosage are more and more More and more. The Zhengwei reactor is equipped with an electric heating rod in the heating jacket and uses electric heating oil to achieve a stable temperature rise in the oil bath of the kettle body without the need for an additional external circulation device. For larger reactors, a hot oil pump is additionally equipped to circulate the heat transfer oil in the jacket to prevent coking.

        Phenolic resin polycondensation reactor

        The polycondensation reaction refers to a polymerization reaction in which monomers react with each other to generate high molecular compounds and small molecules. Phenolic resin is formed by polycondensation of phenol and formaldehyde under catalytic conditions. According to the process characteristics of polycondensation reaction, Zhengwei Mechanical Experimental Kettle designs and manufactures reaction devices suitable for such materials.

        Laboratory polyether reactor

        Polyether, also known as polyglycol ether, is currently the largest-selling synthetic oil. It is a linear polymer prepared by homopolymerization or copolymerization of ethylene oxide, propylene oxide, butylene oxide, etc. as raw materials under the action of a catalyst. The raw material dripping tank of Zhengwei polyether reactor is easy to operate, magnetically sealed and well sealed.

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