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        Chemical Equipment

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        Filter presser

        A filter press is a device that applies pressure to accelerate the filter press process. It is mainly used for coarse filtration of activated carbon, pharmaceutical intermediate suspension and other materials. It adopts quick-opening pneumatic hanging lid, and the filter bag is hooped with nylon rope for quick cleaning and slag removal. Stainless steel pressure-resistant sintered filter element is used under high pressure. The pressure filter and the PA fine filter can filter out particles below 0.5um. The main feature of the filter press is that the feed is visible, the filtrate feed is large, and the slag discharge operation is convenient and clean.

        Filter tank

        The filter can remove large suspended particles in the solution, thereby reducing the SDI value of the water and meeting the requirements of medium purification. The equipment has the characteristics of low cost, low operating cost and simple operation; the filter material can be used repeatedly after backwashing, and the filter material has a long service life.

        Molten salt heating furnace

        The molten salt heating furnace can obtain a higher working temperature under a lower operating pressure, the heating temperature is stable, can be adjusted accurately, and the thermal efficiency is high.

        Molten salt is a mixture of potassium nitrate (KNO3), sodium nitrite (NaNO2) and sodium nitrate (NaNO3). The heat carrier furnace heats the powdered molten salt to a melting point of 142°C or higher, so that it can be recycled in a molten state. The highest working temperature can reach 600℃.

        Chemical plant equipment

        Weihai Zhengwei Machinery Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise integrating complete independent research and development, manufacturing, and marketing systems. It can provide special customized design and manufacturing according to the volume, working temperature, and working pressure provided by customers.

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