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        Non-ferrous Metal Reactor

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        Nickel and nickel-alloy reactor

        Heavy non-ferrous metal materials composed of nickel-based and other alloying elements are nickel-based alloys. The grade of nickel used in the reactor is N6. Commonly used nickel-based alloy materials are Monel (MONEL400), Inconel (INCONEL600, INCONEL625), Hastelloy (HASTELLOY C276, HASTELLOY B2), etc.

        Nickel-based materials are better than stainless steel in high temperature resistance, high pressure resistance and corrosion resistance, so they are more suitable for harsh reaction media and reaction conditions.

        The cost of nickel-based and nickel-based materials is relatively high. Therefore, the explosive composite plate of nickel-based and nickel-based alloy liner and stainless steel or carbon steel substrate is commonly used in industrial production of pressure vessels. The substrate meets the requirements of strength and the liner meets the requirements of corrosion resistance.


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