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        Non-ferrous Metal Reactor

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        2000L Hastelloy Reactor

        Hastelloy is a nickel-based corrosion-resistant alloy, mainly divided into two categories: nickel-chromium alloy and nickel-chromium-molybdenum alloy. Hastelloy has good corrosion resistance and thermal stability. Hastelloy plates are suitable for various chemical industries containing oxidizing and reducing media. The higher content of molybdenum and chromium makes the alloy resistant to chloride ion corrosion, and the tungsten element further improves the corrosion resistance. At the same time, C-276 Hastelloy tube is one of the only materials that are resistant to corrosion by moist chlorine, hypochlorite and chlorine dioxide solutions. It is effective for high-concentration chloride solutions such as ferric chloride and copper chloride. Significant corrosion resistance.

        The commonly used Hastelloy grades for the reactor are HASTELLOY B2 and HASTELLOY C276. The price of Hastelloy alloy materials is relatively high. In order to save costs, pressure vessels often use explosive composite plates of Hastelloy liner and carbon steel or stainless steel substrate. The substrate meets the requirements for strength and the liner meets the requirements for corrosion resistance.


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