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        Catalytic Hydrogenation Reactor

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        Thermal oil electric heating hydrogenation reactor

        Heat transfer oil is a kind of heat carrier oil, a kind of special oil with good thermal stability for indirect heat transfer. Because of its uniform heating, accurate temperature control, high temperature under low vapor pressure, good heat transfer effect, energy saving, convenient transportation and operation, etc., it has been widely used in various occasions in recent years, and its use and dosage are more and more More and more. The Zhengwei reactor is equipped with an electric heating rod in the heating jacket and uses electric heating oil to achieve a stable temperature rise in the oil bath of the kettle body without the need for an additional external circulation device. For larger reactors, a hot oil pump is additionally equipped to circulate the heat transfer oil in the jacket to prevent coking.

        The medium in the reaction kettle contains hydrogen, so it is equipped with explosion-proof motors and explosion-proof electrical components to improve the safety performance of the equipment.



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