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        Catalytic Hydrogenation Reactor

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        High temperature and high pressure magnetic stirring hydrogenation reactor

        The core part of magnetic stirring is a ring-shaped strong magnetic coupling stirring device. Multiple magnetic steel rings are made of two powerful permanent magnets inside and outside; the inner magnetic steel body is enclosed in a stainless steel sealed cylinder connected to the stirring part, sealing the cylinder and the kettle The cover, the kettle body, and the fastening connection form a static sealed cavity, so that the reaction medium is completely in a static sealed state, without any leakage, pollution or personal danger; the speed-regulating motor drives the outer magnetic steel body, and the strong magnetic force passes through the stainless steel without contact The resultant sealed cylinder attracts each other with the strong magnetic force of the inner magnetic steel body enclosed in the sealed cylinder, mutually positions itself and acts on the axial rotation traction to perform high temperature and high pressure stirring reaction.

        The catalytic hydrogenation reactor is equipped with an explosion-proof motor and an explosion-proof control cabinet, and is well sealed, suitable for various chemical production reactions of catalytic hydrogenation.


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