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        Industrial Reactor

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        1000L open continuous stirring magnetic reactor

        The stirred tank is suitable for high-temperature and high-pressure synthesis reaction, gas-liquid reaction, exothermic reaction, composition test, stability and corrosion test, etc. The main customer groups are fine chemicals, supercritical reactions, catalyst evaluation, chemistry, pharmaceuticals, polymer synthesis, metallurgy and petrochemicals.

        According to the different sealing types of the stirring paddle and the kettle cover, it can be divided into: packing seal, mechanical seal and magnetic seal. Heating methods include electric heating, thermal oil electric heating, far-infrared heating, etc. The cooling method is jacket or coil refrigerant circulating cooling in the kettle.

        The material of the kettle body can be made of austenitic stainless steel (S30408, S31603, S32168, S31008), duplex stainless steel (S22053, S22253), titanium (TA2), nickel (Ni6) and composite steel plates according to different media requirements. The kettle body structure has Flat cover high pressure reactor, convex cover high pressure reactor and closed reactor body with manhole, the opening on the cover can be designed according to user requirements.



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