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        Industrial Reactor

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        Magnetic seal cone-bottom reactor with stirring low-temperature crystallization

        The crystallization reactor is used in the production process of forced cooling and crystallization in the production process of chemical products.

        In the chemical industry, for example, in the production process of tetrabutylammonium bromide, the reactants need to be forced to cool and crystallize in the crystallization reactor. The crystallization reactor has a cylindrical barrel and a conical bottom, a cylindrical barrel and a cone. The bottom of the shaped cylinder has a double cylinder wall, and the cooling liquid inlet and outlet cavity is formed in the middle of the double cylinder wall, and the medium in the crystallization reaction kettle is forcedly cooled by the cooling liquid to make it crystallize. Some processes use inner coils and nitrogen to cool the contents of the kettle.

        The powerful agitator is equipped with a wall scraping structure, which can effectively drive the materials adhered to the wall of the kettle to make the reaction more fully and evenly.

        Generally, at low temperatures, conventional rock wool insulation is used outside the jacket. For lower temperatures, a vacuum insulation jacket is added outside the refrigeration jacket to isolate the air heat transfer and continuously maintain the low temperature in the kettle.


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