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        Industrial Reactor

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        6000L high temperature and high viscosity polymerization reactor

        Polymerization is the process of converting low-molecular-weight monomers into high-molecular-weight polymers. Polymers have important properties such as plasticity, fiber formation, film formation, and high elasticity that low-molecular-weight monomers do not have. They can be widely used as plastics. , Fibers, rubber, coatings, adhesives and other high-molecular materials. This material is composed of more than one structural unit (monomer), a polymer compound synthesized by repeated reactions of monomers.

        The polymerization reactor is generally equipped with condensation collection or condensation reflux device, which is conducive to the synthesis of high molecular polymers. High-molecular organic polymers are generally high-viscosity materials, and the bottom of the reactor can be made into a cone according to customer requirements to facilitate discharge and cleaning. The reactor agitator is generally made of a ribbon type or an anchor frame type, with a high-power stirring motor, to achieve the full mixing of the materials in the kettle.


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