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        Industrial Reactor

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        1000L high temperature and high pressure magnetic seal reactor

        The working principle of the magnetic seal reactor

        Magnetic drive is a new type of transmission sealing technology developed in the 1980s. The key component of the magnetic reactor, the magnetic coupling transmission is a transmission device that uses permanent magnetic materials for coupling transmission. It has changed the traditional mechanical seal and packing seal through the shaft sleeve or packing to seal the dynamic seal structure of the stirring shaft, and replaced it with a static seal structure , The medium in the reaction kettle is completely in the sealed cavity formed by the kettle body and the sealing cover body, which completely solves the insurmountable leakage problem caused by the dynamic seal of the packing seal and the mechanical seal, so that the reaction medium will never leak or pollute.

        When the power is turned on, the temperature and speed sensors installed on the reactor will send the corresponding signals to the reactor PID controller. The controller will display the corresponding signals and compare the temperature signal with the temperature setting signal. Afterwards, control the heating system that comes with the reactor, and adjust the heating power in PID regular on-off or phase modulation to make the actual temperature consistent with the set temperature. At the same time, after the speed signal is compared with the speed setting signal, the motor speed is adjusted by PID law, so that the actual speed is consistent with the set speed.


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